Frequently asked questions

We are sure you have many questions about your stay abroad. We have summarized the most frequently asked questions, with the right answers of course, here for you. Also feel free to contact us simply via Skype or on landline and we will answer your questions personally.

1. How much does the internship cost?

Since our service is completely free, you will save a lot of money. The meals and the room you will get provided for free by the hotel. The only costs coming up to you are the flight and the activities that you undertake outside of your working hours. So take some pocket money with you if you want to go shopping or on a sightseeing tour in your spare time.

2. In which departments can I do an internship?

The hotels and campings we cooperate with offer places in Bar, Restaurant, Kitchen, Reception, Spa and Wellness Reception, Animation, Administration and Public Relations. It's always good if you are interested in more than one department, because then we have a wider range of places to search for.

3. What is a school contract?

The school contract is one of the most important documents you need to upload on your personal Animafest page. It includes your personal information as well as information about your school and also the dates when your internship starts and ends. The contract confirms, that at the moment you are a student of a school or university. It must be signed and stamped by your school, so we know that you are allowed to do the internship abroad.

4. Is the internship paid?

This is an internship, not a job. Nevertheless you get a small fee for the work you do. It is around 200 to 300 euros per month, the exact amount depends on the hotel.

Application procedure

You decided to do an internship abroad? Then the most important decision is already made and you're only a few steps away from your unforgettable experience abroad.

And that's how it works:

  1. You sign in on our Homepage
  2. Afterwards you confirm by email and complete your profile with the needed information (information of your school, language skills etc.)
  3. Once you have successfully logged in, you'll receive an email with the request to call us
  4. Once you call, we will make a quick interview to get more information as well as explaining you the needed documents
  5. After your call we will do our best to find a suitable placement for you. As soon as we have something, you'll be informed immediately
  6. Just as you have your internship safe, please upload all the needed documents on your personal Animafest page. This is very important

Why should you do an internship abroad?

There are many good reasons why you should do your internship abroad. Here are the most important advantages:

Doing an internship abroad you will

  • improve your Spanish and English skills
  • meet many international students
  • find new friends
  • gain work experience abroad
  • get to know foreign cultures
  • gain soft skills: independence, self-initiative, communication ability and flexibility
  • make international contacts and connections
  • pep up your CV

All the mentioned points will improve your future work life. You will have better chances on the job market and an easier entry into professional life.

But above all, the internship abroad will have a great impact on your personality and your social life. The experience you will make will stay forever and you will benefit from it your whole life. So what are you waiting for? Apply today for the best time of your life!

Why should you choose Animafest Experience?

When organizing your stay abroad, it is important that you can rely on good advice and support. Therefore, safety, reliability and accessibility are our top priority. Apart from the professional component we also want your stay to be a memorable one. Besides, the service of Animafest Experience is completely free.

✓ Years of experience

With over 15 years of experience we are benefiting from our acquired knowledge. Our international team consists of many native speakers from different countries all around Europe.

✓ Personal support

From the first sign-in until your departure back home you are supported by our team. During your whole stay abroad we will provide you with the best support we can offer, no matter if it is about general questions or other problems. With our online platform we have a 24 hours overview about everything that is going on regarding your internship.

✓ Uncomplicated application

Thanks to our sophisticated system you can get your internship in a very short time. Since we cooperate together with over 400 hotels we are able to offer you internships all year long. Once you've signed up on our home page, we already start searching the best internship place for you. Just as we have news you'll be informed immediately.

✓ Customized organisation

We organize your stay abroad completely according to your wishes. You decide when, where and how long you want to do your internship. We will provide you with offers and then you choose what you want to do.

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